Azuro Protocol

Conditions (i.e. betting events)

In Azuro's design, every betting event on the front-end operator’s platform, deployed on the Azuro Protocol, is called Condition.
Conditions on the Azuro protocol are usually initialized 3-5 days before the match or the game. They are initialized via oracles which deliver data to the protocol.
Each Azuro condition is initiated by Data Feed Providers and consists of the following data:
  • reinforcement; - Initial Liquidity allocated to this condition
  • fundBanks - an array of amounts that are allocated to each of the condition outcomes, initial values set up by Feed Provider, and then it can be adjusted by the market through bets
  • margin - Spread
  • ipfsHash - Link to IPFS storage where additional meta-data about the real-world sports event connected with the condition is stored such as Sport; League; Country; Entities Names; Images - team logos, etc; kind of sport, etc - Full scheme will be published. This approach to data storage is very important for achieving decentralization and for front-end operators(Frontend Operators)
  • Timestamp - timestamp of starting the event