A Pool's Entry Point
The LP contract serves as the main entry point for a Pool's logic. Through it, the Pool owner can enable or disable plugged Betting Engines, adjust reinforcement limits and minimum bet amounts for each Betting Engine, manage Games, and change fee shares for Azuro DAO, Data Provider, and Affiliates. All operations related to depositing or withdrawing funds, such as placing a new bet, receiving winnings, or receiving DAO/Data Provider/Affiliate rewards, are performed through the LP contract.
The LP contract also contains a pool of liquidity for conditions reinforcement. Anyone can become a liquidity provider by adding liquidity to the Pool and receive a share of its profits and losses (P&L). Liquidity tokens (LPNFTs) represent the liquidity added by the user. LPNFTs can be redeemed partially or completely by the user at any time, with the user receiving their share of the common liquidity, including P&L from the time of adding liquidity. All deposits are stored in a special data structure called the Liquidity Tree, which provides a fair distribution of P&L among the deposits.