Liquidity Providers

Azuro's pools provide a unique opportunity for LPs to earn real yield on stablecoins. Yield is calculated and paid out only in the currency of the respective pool, without other tokens topping it up.
​Providing liquidity into one of Azuro's pools exposes the LP to virtually all betting markets supported by the respective pool. It's an opportunity to get 1-click exposure to thousands of betting markets.
The liquidity pools earn through the spread embedded in the odds on which bettors place bets. The profit of the liquidity pool is the the difference between the tokens seeded from the pool into the Conditions and the tokens returned to the pool after those Conditions are resolved.
The more bettors, and betting there is on the protocol - the higher the likelihood the pool is profitable. I.e. - the longer the duration of each LP's position - the higher the likelihood that it yields positive return.


There is a significant chance that liquidity positions held under a week can be in the red (in the negative). There is a non-zero chance that this can extend to longer periods of time. It is estimated that for periods above 1 month the likelihood of the pools turning a profit is >99%.
Information about adding/withdrawing liquidity: Liquidity Positions​
Information on the architecture which underpins the pools: Pools​
Access to Azuro's liquidity pools:​
Dune dashboards showing each pool's performance:​