Frontends (a.k.a. Affiliates)

Azuro's permissionless design allows anyone to launch a betting site in a few days without need for own liquidity or risk management capability.
The Frontend operator delivers the interface (website, app, widget, etc.) where bettors can place bets.
Frontend operators earn a % of the profits realized by the Pools (from the part associated with their own users' activity). Each Frontend Operator provides their address to the smart contract with their users' bets and the LP contract distributes part of the profits to the frontend address. For a list with live Frontends check:
Despite the fact that the Azuro DAO has no control over whoever connects their front-end platforms with the Azuro Protocol, the Azuro DAO encourages front-end operators who intend to do so to comply with any laws applicable to the operation of such platforms.
The Azuro DAO expressly disclaims any liability for the activity of front-end operators who connect their platform with Azuro.