Azuro Protocol

NFT Bets

Azuro’s goal to offer a full betting feature set and clean, betting UX is achieved through the combination of the Liquidity Tree pool and NFTs.
Bets on Azuro are non-fungible which allows for an experience that matches sports bettors’ expectations, and supports critical features like accumulator/parlay bets, multiple outcome bets, and bet cashouts. Moreover, NFTs allow for crazy gamification on-chain and use-cases never possible before like Bets as Collectables
All of that with a clean UX where bets are placed in 1 currency, odds are represented clearly and the potential payout is fixed.
Every bet made on the front-end operator`s platform deployed on the Azuro protocol can be converted into an NFT. Bets as NFTs will allow for the trading of bets on secondary markets.
Last modified 3mo ago