Azuro Protocol

How to start betting

In order to place bets, users will need to do so at a "Frontend" operator (a betting service) which utilizes Azuro's decentralized betting solution.
To start betting on apps powered by Azuro protocol one will only need to have a Web 3.0 crypto wallet such as Metamask or others alike. Bets on the front-end operator's platform will initially be available in stablecoins. The user will need to connect his wallet to the web app of any front-end operator to start interacting. All activities like betting or liquidity provision are on-chain just like on other DeFi applications.
To place a bet a user will need to choose among events available on the front-end operators platform. Betting will be very easy as one will only need to adjust the amount he wants to place a bet with and tap on the outcome of the event he has chosen to bet on. A confirmation slip will pop up that will summarise the bet after which the bettor will need to confirm the transaction in his wallet.