Azuro Protocol

Betting with Azuro

Bettors cannot use Azuro directly. Instead, apps, also known as "frontends" can utilize Azuro to deliver betting services to end users. Betting on such apps is envisioned to match the user experience delivered by traditional bookmakers (plentiful liquid betting markets, rich betting features, and clean UX), but with none of the problems that are usually associated with custodial (centralized) betting.
When using apps powered by Azuro, bettors will not need to make deposits or withdrawals to any third party/company. Bettors' money and bets will remain in their possession at all times. Azuro-powered betting is non-custodial: bets are locked into smart contracts which have pre-determined outcomes. Once the game finishes bettors just need to claim their winnings from the smart contract (if their bet won).