Two drops of Azuro Score points have been executed at the launch of the Azuro Score: one to early contributors and a symbolic one to ~200,000 Ethereum/Polygon addresses to celebrate the kick-off.

Azuro Early Supporters Drop

1. Gnosis Chain users Recipients: 3,967 Complementary points: 1,000 Criteria: Addresses with bets on Gnosis Chain mainnet. Snapshot taken 15 Feb, 2023.
2. Community members with achievements during testnet & on Discord Recipients: 4,752 Complementary points: 750 per achievement (max 10 total achievements) Criteria: achievements include "First Azurian","Savvy bettor", "Mystery Solver", "Meme-zurian", "Bookie Nightmare", "KOD", "Clairvoyant", "Meme-inator", Moderator role.
3. Galxe NFT holders Recipients: 233 Complementary points: 500 Criteria: Galxe NFT holders (OAT not included)


Polygon Launch Drop

  1. 1.
    Ethereum/Polygon Addresses Recipients: 202,878 Complementary points: 100 Criteria: 30-day activity. Snapshot taken 8 Feb, 2023. Filters include balances on Ethereum & Polygon and transaction activity.
  2. 2.
    Betting/Prediction markets user addresses Recipients: 3,389 Complementary points dropped: 1,000 Criteria: 6-month activity. Snapshot taken 8 Feb, 2023. Filters include interactions with betting or prediction markets.