Azuro Protocol

Oracles and Data Feed providers

Oracles on Azuro are used to initialize the Conditions (provide the initial odds) and resolve them (provide results). Azuro protocol is expected to be integrated with multiple oracles and data feed providers who will provide:
  • Match/Game metadata
  • Odds
  • Results
Azuro utilizes an approach known as optimistic Oracles. The reasoning behind this decision is that building a network of oracles with a reliable consensus mechanism is a standalone major project in itself and is still a challenge for the blockchain industry. The optimistic oracle model means that initially, the protocol will trust the data providers, but anyone can raise a dispute and put under scrutiny the data provided.
As the Azuro protocol allows multiple data providers and oracles to provide data for 1 event the smart contract will choose randomly the provider for a specific event. To become a data provider a party will need to offer a DAO proposal which will be voted upon.
Currently, there are aggregated odds provided by "Bookmaker Ratings" delivered via Chainlink