Azuro Protocol

Liquidity Providers

Liquidity Providers on Azuro lock liquidity in the liquidity pool(s) in exchange for the chance to earn % of the profit of the pools in return. The liquidity pools earn through the spread embedded in the odds on which bettors can place bets.
This provides a unique opportunity for LPs, as the performance of the Azuro liquidity pools has no correlation to general financial markets, crypto markets, or prices. As long as the odds on Azuro are moving effectively, the spread earns the return for the liquidity pools and therefore - the LPs.
It is important to understand that although the risks of losing funds when providing liquidity are fairly low, there is still a probability that at a certain point in time bettors may be winning more than the liquidity pool is. It means that at certain times the LP tokens received can be worth less than they were initially when the funds were staked.