Azuro Protocol

Frontend Operators

Azuro Protocol's permissionless design allows virtually anyone to connect their own interface "Frontend" to the protocol and link to the betting markets available on Azuro.
The Frontend operator delivers the environment/service (website, app, widget, etc.) where bettors can place bets.
Frond-end operators will earn % of the profits realized by the Liquidity pools (from the part associated with their own users' activity). Each Frontend Operator will provide his address to the smart contract with his users' bets and the Liquidity Pools smart contract will distribute part of the profits (coming from the spread) to the front-end address.
Front-end operators have access to necessary data about events and markets available on the protocol (league names, team names, logos, etc.) via IPFS( see: conditions) where all is stored. A link to data about each event is stored in the smart contract.
This approach gives an opportunity for a new breed of betting industry participants to emerge, covering wildly different markets, people, and cultures. From influencers and sportsmen to sports leagues and clubs, from CeFi and DeFi platforms to Play2Earn on-chain games - anybody is able to create customized products for their own target audience.
Despite the fact that the Azuro DAO has no control over whoever connects their front-end platforms with the Azuro Protocol, the Azuro DAO encourages front-end operators who intend to do so to comply with any laws applicable to the operation of such platforms.
The Azuro DAO expressly disclaims any liability for the activity of front-end operators who connect their platform with Azuro.