Azuro Protocol

Azuro Ecosystem

Our vision is that the Azuro protocol will power a trustless environment for different players to benefit from the once fully centralized betting industry. This democratization clearly opens a new era for doing business in the industry.
The Ecosystem will be governed by the DAO where token holders will decide on development and operational matters.
The Data providers will directly connect through oracles with the protocol and compete with each other in speed, event, and market diversity and precision.
The liquidity providers will be able to diversify and earn yields for their staking through a new business model that is different from that of lending protocols and can even be a hedge in some cases. I.e. generate lucrative yield in a way completely uncorrelated with the broader DeFi ecosystem or with financial markets in general.
The front-end operators will compete in providing the best User Experience to bettors and develop interesting offers to win their loyalty.
All in all the Azuro ecosystem will allow competition to flourish and the betting experience for bettors unmatched thus resulting in adoption both from the Web3 users and the bettors from the traditional betting world.