Azuro Protocol

Azuro DAO

Azuro DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization that governs the Azuro Protocol. Currently, the Azuro DAO is going through its 1st version, the members of which are the core contributors and influencers of the project. The Azuro DAO does not have a central entity making decisions. The DAO members have to go through a two-phase proposal stage for any decision to be made. During Phase 1, a proposal can be submitted by any DAO member. Phase 1 of the proposal stage is needed to see whether the DAO members are interested in making such changes or not. If the proposal receives enough attention – it will be moved to Phase 2. In Phase 2, the DAO members vote for the proposal to be executed. For a proposal to pass, it has to receive a simple majority of votes. If the proposal is successfully voted on in Phase 2 - it must be executed by the multisign signers. As the project will develop the voting procedure will change. The later versions of the DAO will be for AZURO Token Holders only.